Camera, history and narration: an open discussion about the ethnographic film “The Impossible Narration: Memory and Photography of the Kalavryta Slaughter” (Dir. Konstantinos Kalantzis) | Sunday, November 27, 2022 (12pm, Athens)

How and what does a society remember? How can one grasp mnemonic processes and the representation of the past by ethnographically using cameras on the fieldsite? How does memory become a narration and what does this process entail emotionally and politically? What sort of ethical issues emerge when one conducts research among survivors of traumatic historical events? What is the position of the 1940s in Greek contemporary social imagination? How are contemporary political instances experienced through the lens of the past?

Historians Tasoula Vervenioti and Yiorgos Andritsos will be in conversation with anthropologist Konstantinos Kalantzis around the themes of memory, narration, oral history & visual anthropology on the occasion of the screening of the film “The Impossible Narration”.

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