19.Pinney Dalit pilgrims photograph their visit to the Ambedkar Memorial Park, Lucknow 18.Pinney Specimens of the studio photographer’s art, Lucknow, India 17.Pinney Memorial portraits of the mother and father of a studio proprietor, Lucknow, India 16.Pinney Two villagers perform for the camera with the help of a gun (a studio prop) 15.Pinney A Dalit couple photographed at a studio in the pilgrimage centre of Ramdevra in Rajasthan 14.Pinney A memorial portrait of a villager which triggers possession events 13.Pinney A photoshopped image from the pilgrimage destination of Dwarkanath, Gujarat, India 12.Pinney The many ID photos commonly held by villagers in central India testifies to the demands of the Indian bureaucratic state 11.Pinney A villager shares an image from the pilgrimage centre of Samvaliyaji, central India PHOTODEMOS: Citizens of Photography: the Camera and the Political Imagination