Konstantinos Kalantzis

Screenshot 2022-07-22 at 17.26.17 Radical encounters: A conversation about tourism in Sfakia, Crete (Konstantinos Kalantzis) Screenshot 2022-07-22 at 16.45.31 Photography, Ethnography and Political Imagination in Greece: A film preview of PhotoDemos ethnography in Greece (Konstantinos Kalantzis) The Sfakian Screen Slippery Delight: Problems of Pleasure and Reproduction in Jokes Shepherds and Frogs: Tourism, Photography and Modernity in Sfakia 11 A woman and a man in Distomo discussing a historical photograph of Distomo widows, taken by a professional photographer following the slaughter of civilians there by German troops in 1944. (Photograph by Konstantinos Kalantzis, 2018) 10 A man in Distomo showing me a historical photograph that includes himself as a child, taken by a humanitarian expedition following the slaughter of civilians by German troops in 1944. (Photograph by Konstantinos Kalantzis, 2018) 9 Men in Sfakia debating the details of the depicted sitters and landscape in archival photos from the region that had just been uploaded by a researcher on Facebook. (Photograph by Konstantinos Kalantzis, 2018) 8 Visitors at the memorial for the Kalavryta slaughter listening to the recording played by loudspeakers which outlines details of the civilians’ massacre perpetrated there by German troops in December 1943. (Photograph by Konstantinos Kalantzis, 2018) 7 Photographs and other objects “curated” by Sfakian men at a kiosk inside a gorge. Visitors often return to the site and leave new images of themselves and family alongside the old ones. (Photograph by Konstantinos Kalantzis, 2017)