Christopher Pinney

Destroying the Negatives: M. N. Srinivas, Fire, and Photography Dwelling in the Camera: Pictorialism and Some Modernist Myths of Photography 30.Pinney Images of the recently deceased displayed in the forest at Namobuddha, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal 29.Pinney Scan of a 1960s medium format negative featuring a child with a Yuri Gagarin doll 28.Pinney A Dakshinkali studio improves an image of a family of pilgrims 27.Pinney Some of the Photoshop templates used by studios at Dakshinkali 26.Pinney A photo studio at Dakshinkali, Nepal 25.Pinney The Rato Machhendranath festival captured on a mobile phone KrishnaPrasad.jpg A mobile phone generated montage that expresses the local rootedness of a Nepali Arabian Gulf migrant worker, Bhaktapur, Nepal 23.Pinney A Newar marriage photograph