Christopher Pinney

image pamphlets Christopher Pinney PhotoDemos Pamphlet Series The PhotoDemos Collective have published their PhotoDemos Pamphlet Series. This pamphlet series aims to put a large number of images into conversation with a provocative short text. The complete Pamphlet series can be browsed on our Issuu page.... PhotoDemos Photobook Series_ Christopher Pinney PhotoDemos Photobook Series The PhotoDemos Collective have published their Photobook Series. This series of six photobooks by PhotoDemos Collective researchers address photographic practices in Greece, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and South Asia. Designed by Gabriel... PinneyASAP41 Christopher Pinney ASAP discussion on Chris Pinney’s ‘Seven Theses on Photography’ ASAP, the online platform featuring critical perspectives on lens-based practices from South Asia, has published a response to Chris Pinney’s article ‘Seven Theses on Photography’ (published in the journal Thesis Eleven in 2012).... Tbilisi, Georgia Christopher Pinney Lecture: Chris Pinney at the 2017 Tbilisi Photo Festival Photography in the Margins: The Material History of an Indian Studio Public Lecture by Christopher Pinney (Tbilisi, September 2017)