ASAP discussion on Chris Pinney’s ‘Seven Theses on Photography’

by PhotoDemos on June 16, 2022


Photograph Taken in a Travelling Mela Studio. (Probably Mumbai, c. 1920.)

ASAP, the online platform featuring critical perspectives on lens-based practices from South Asia, has published a response to Chris Pinney’s article ‘Seven Theses on Photography’ (published in the journal Thesis Eleven in 2012).

Pinney Suresh Punjabi

Self-Portrait by Suresh Punjabi, Suhag Studio, Madhya Pradesh, c. 1978. (Image courtesy of Suresh Punjabi.)


A Group of Jain Pilgrims or Monks. As photography rendered everyone equally, it was necessary to over-paint their servants in order to make visible their continuing worldliness. (From the Alkazi Collection of Photography.)

The articles also feature images from Chris Pinney’s collection and can be found here: